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And by Santa Rosa, CA (The Blazers)

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Amazing! Restored Sense of Touch (and Other Tech Wonders)

Restored Sense of Touch for Amputees

Sense of Touch

Sense of Touch 2

Sense of Touch 3

Read Full Article and Watch Video: Source

Technology Glove that Translates Sign Language Into Speech

Tech Glove

Learn All About the Tech Glove at Talk Able

Glasses that Help the Blind Live

Blind Tech

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Competition Drives the Exoskeleton

Exo Suit

The Phoenix

“The Phoenix exoskeleton is the world’s lightest and most advanced exoskeleton designed to help people with mobility disorders to be upright and mobile. In the clinic, at home, and in the workplace Phoenix has successfully enabled many individuals to stand up, walk about, and speak to peers eye-to-eye” (Source).

Esko Bionics

“Ekso Bionics helps survivors of stroke, spinal cord injury and other forms of lower extremity weakness to walk again. The Ekso GT™ robotic exoskeleton has changed the course of recovery in gait training and neurorehabilitation by augmenting not only the individual’s strength, but the therapist’s ability to work with their patients” (Source).

The Rewalk

“ReWalk is a wearable robotic exoskeleton that provides powered hip and knee motion to enable individuals with spinal cord injury (SCI) to stand upright, walk, turn, and climb and descend stairs*. ReWalk is the only FDA cleared exoskeleton for rehabilitation and personal use in the United States” (Source).

Rex Exoskeleton

“REX® is the world’s first hands-free, self-supporting, independently controlled robotic walking device. No frames, no crutches, no stress. All the benefits of standing and walking, but with minimal impact on the shoulders and leaving the hands free. We understand that, for wheelchair users, protecting the health of their shoulders is important, as is the ability to use their hands, which is why REX is designed to allow hands-free standing and walking. Working, painting, cooking, or hugging; hands-free” (Source). 

Veterans and Disability

The reality of experiencing a disability often comes on the heels of performing service for your country. In America, we recognize those who’ve served, though the truth remains, much more can be done to help our veterans. If you happen to run a Google search on “disabled veterans,” more than likely you will encounter the webpage for Disabled Americans Veterans.

Vet 6

From this page their mission statement states: “DAV (Disabled American Veterans) is the most long-lasting veterans advocacy and assistance group in this country. We’ve watched this country change and grow, and we’ve grown along with it. However, DAV has never wavered in its core mission to fulfill our country’s promises to the men and women who served. We invite everyone, veterans and civilian, men and women, young and old, to join us as we stand up for those veterans who risked it all when they stood up for us, our country, and our ideals” (Source).

Vet 7

And after a twenty year push to recognize veterans with disabilities, the effort has finally paid off in the form of a memorial located in Washington D.C. To watch the video, please follow this link to the page provided by the Voice of America: Memorial to Disabled Veterans.

Vet 9

Sonoma County has its own veterans outreach known as the Sonoma County Vet Connect. And their goals are much the same: “Our mission is to provide outreach to all former military service members and their families and to assist them in obtaining access to services and benefits due them for their service to our country” (Source).

Vet 8

Would you be surprised to discover that the Sonoma County Vet Connect will be a part of DSLC’s Tech Expo 2015?

Vet 4

Fact is, Sonoma County veterans have participated in past expos and will probably continue to do so for as long as the need remains.

Vet 5

To learn more about what Sonoma County Vet Connect does, how they participate in solving the problems so many veterans continually face, or if you’d like to just drop by and say hello and thank you, please come and visit the 10th Annual Tech Expo and More.

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Animals of the Tech Expo: Assistance Dogs

Thanks to the modern age in which we live, a quick internet search can turn up information on just about anything we can think of. And when we perform a search on our beloved assistance dogs, we learn from Morieka Johnson that they can “accomplish pretty amazing feats on a daily basis. Bethe Bennett’s miniature schnauzer nudged her back to consciousness after a fall. The trained service dog also retrieved an emergency phone list so Bennett could call neighbors for assistance. A pooch named Mr. Gibbs totes Alida Knobloch’s oxygen tank so the 2-year-old can dash around with other children. Mr. Gibbs even braves playground slides with Alida…[and] Sandra Leavitt also relies on a service dog to help battle her rare seizure disorder” (Source).

Canines 8

The statistics tell us: “According to the University of Arizona, 0.9% of persons with disabilities are partnered with service dogs. In 1990, Congress found that there were 43 million Americans with disabilities, suggesting there are approximately 387,000 service dogs across the US” (Source). The times have progressed since 1990, and we certainly hope that the stats have progressed as well. Fact is, for the number of disabled persons existent in America, the amount of them who could use an assistance dog is probably vast.

Canines 2

Canines 3

At the Tech Expo in Sonoma County, our friends from Canine Companions for Independence help us to challenge those stats by bringing their wonderful animals for everyone to get to know.

Canines 4

Canines 5

From their website, we can learn a lot about this amazing company: “Founded in 1975, Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships. Headquartered in Santa Rosa, CA, Canine Companions is the largest non-profit provider of assistance dogs, and is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its dogs, and the quality and longevity of the matches it makes between dogs and people. The result is a life full of increased independence and loving companionship” (Source).

Canines 9

Canines 10

Canines 11

Canines 12

Guide Dogs 1

Guide Dogs 2

Maybe you’d like to see about getting an assistance dog for yourself, or maybe you know someone who could really benefit from the skills a companion like this could provide. Or maybe you’re interested in learning more about the people who train these remarkable animals, or maybe you’re just in need of some serious dog loving.

Guide Dogs 3

Whatever the case, DSLC’s Tech Expo 2015 is the place to go and learn more about assistance dogs and the dedicated people who bring them into our society.

Canines 7

How can you possibly resist?

Join us for Tech Expo 2015!

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Becoming Independent

Crowd 1

If there’s anything in the world that is understood at a Tech Expo, it’s that gaining independence is the motivating factor behind the effort. When a person is faced with the prospect of relying on others in order to accomplish their daily needs, the reality of it can be daunting. That is why the Tech Expo was founded, so that an information campaign could take shape so as to let the world know, independence can be gained; and here’s how.

Crowd 2

There is a line to be drawn between having someone help you get the things you need, and the ability to get them yourself. In essence, this is the line between feeling trapped and feeling free. Staff and exhibitors at the Tech Expo know this; many have lived it; and that is why the Tech Expo is so important. The technologies and services on display are there for the purposes of showing those — who might not otherwise know — how to become independent, because independence is freedom.

Crowd 3

Interestingly enough, one of Tech Expo’s sponsors just so happens to be entitled Becoming Independent. From their website we learn, “Becoming Independent serves people with varied interests and life objectives who share the common goal of realizing their abilities. They are workers, artists, gardeners, physical fitness buffs, family members and neighbors. Close to 1,000 individuals seek exploration and development through four key offerings at BI: Community Living Supports, Personal Enrichment, Employment Services and Transportation” (Source).

Becoming Independent

Like what you’re reading? Join us at Tech Expo 2015 to find out more about Becoming Independent, and to learn more about “becoming independent” in and of itself.

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