Snoopy Supports Tech Expo 2015, Santa Rosa, CA

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Modified Vehicles

Exactly what is a modified vehicle?

A modified vehicle is any mode of transportation that has been uniquely engineered to aid persons with disabilities, so they can gain independence in the world of which they live. Generally speaking, modifications are often found in vans for accessibility:


Van 2

Gravy 2

Bicycles can be modified too:


Mod Bike

But who says modifying a vehicle has to be about accessibility alone? Can’t we have a little fun? Here we have access to NASCAR!


DSLC’s Tech Expo 2015 will be displaying modified vehicles for you…

Steering Wheel


…and did you know that our friends at Accessible Mobility Center will be there to help you make decisions about products?


Join us for Tech Expo 2015 for modified vehicles and much more!

Expo Flyer

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What’s to See at a Tech Expo?

The year is 2006 and Disability Services & Legal Center (DSLC) in Santa Rosa decides to conduct its first technology exposition for the disabled. With the idea of reaching out to the community with technologies and services, the effort proved to be a huge success, and the tradition of the Tech Expo is born.

Over View 1

Over View

Here one of our exhibitors presents a small host of phone technologies.

Casey 2

Casey 1

We had some buses show up to showcase how they assist their patrons with lifts when necessary.


Bus 2

DSLC’s first Tech Expo also saw the presentation of an I-Bot…

Ibot 1

Ibot 2

Ibot 3

Ibot 4

…and quite the assortment of modified vehicles.

Mods 1

Mods 2


Ten years have past and the tradition of the Tech Expo is rolling stronger than ever. Stay tuned for more information and photographs, and if you or someone you know would like to participate in this year’s event, feel free to contact us via the information in our flyer:

Expo Flyer