Tech Expo 2015

Welcome to the Tech Expo blog!

The Tech Expo is an all-day presentation brought to you by Disability Services & Legal Center (DSLC). Held yearly at the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, the expo provides an opportunity for interaction and networking between companies whose products and services assist disabled persons and the greater public at large. Items of interest include varying assistive technologies, modified vehicles, resources for housing, employment and independent living, resources for veterans, health care and mental health services, as well as education resources, all on display for learning so that individuals with or without disabilities are able to access services and support for their overall health and wellness in the community.

DSLC Banner

Founded in 2006, the Tech Expo has been growing and expanding in its exhibitor, consumer and visitor base, and we are expecting this year’s effort to be its most impressive yet. Admission is free, and if you see yourself as a potential exhibitor or would like to be a sponsor, feel free contact DSLC at 707.528.2745. More information is on display in our flyer (click image for larger resolution), and we look forward to seeing everyone at this year’s TECH EXPO 2015.

Snoopy Flyer

Expo Flyer


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