Becoming Independent

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If there’s anything in the world that is understood at a Tech Expo, it’s that gaining independence is the motivating factor behind the effort. When a person is faced with the prospect of relying on others in order to accomplish their daily needs, the reality of it can be daunting. That is why the Tech Expo was founded, so that an information campaign could take shape so as to let the world know, independence can be gained; and here’s how.

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There is a line to be drawn between having someone help you get the things you need, and the ability to get them yourself. In essence, this is the line between feeling trapped and feeling free. Staff and exhibitors at the Tech Expo know this; many have lived it; and that is why the Tech Expo is so important. The technologies and services on display are there for the purposes of showing those — who might not otherwise know — how to become independent, because independence is freedom.

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Interestingly enough, one of Tech Expo’s sponsors just so happens to be entitled Becoming Independent. From their website we learn, “Becoming Independent serves people with varied interests and life objectives who share the common goal of realizing their abilities. They are workers, artists, gardeners, physical fitness buffs, family members and neighbors. Close to 1,000 individuals seek exploration and development through four key offerings at BI: Community Living Supports, Personal Enrichment, Employment Services and Transportation” (Source).

Becoming Independent

Like what you’re reading? Join us at Tech Expo 2015 to find out more about Becoming Independent, and to learn more about “becoming independent” in and of itself.

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