Did You Know?

You’ve been cruising with your motorized wheelchair, but did you know who first invented them?

According to Wikipedia, around the year 1953 the “electric-powered wheelchair was invented by George Klein who worked for the National Research Council of Canada, to assist injured veterans after World War II” (source).

And thanks to Wikipedia, we have a picture to honor the event:

Motor Chair

Matters have certainly come a long way since then. Here we have the Ibot on display with former President Bill Clinton:

Ibot Clinton

Isn’t technology amazing? But did you know that the Tech Expo has had an Ibot on display as well?

Ibot 2

And as for the motorized chair, DSLC’s Tech Expo 2015 intends to have them available for showcasing, just as they’ve done in the past:


Overview 2

Tech Expo 2015 will be the biggest and best yet, and we hope to see you there!

Expo Flyer


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